Jahziel Villasana-Espinoza

jahz@gatech.edu (404)-428-7664 https://jahz.co 1090 Atlantic Dr. Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Github: jahzielv


Georgia Institute of Technology, December 2020

B.S - Computer Science GPA: 3.43

CS1332: Data Structures and Algorithms, CS2110: Computer Organization and Programming (Assembly and C),

CS2200: Intro to Systems and Networking, CS3210: Operating System Design,

CS4240: Compilers and Interpreters, CS4210: Advanced Operating System Design


Programming Languages
C, Go, JavaScript, Rust, Python, C#, Java
Web Dev
Node.js, React, Redux, Jekyll, Flask, HTML, CSS
Git, GitHub, gdb, valgrind
SQLite, SQL Server, DynamoDB
Ubuntu, Bash, vim
English, Spanish
Native speaker


State Farm

Software Engineering Intern May 2019 - Present
  • Transitioned key parts of State Farm's internal claims microservice and API infrastructure from on-prem to AWS.
  • Gained project management experience by leading a team of fellow interns in building and deploying a SPA for internal use.
  • Taught workshop on Go to full-time members of dev team.

Yokogawa Corp. of America

Co-op Engineer Aug 2017 - May 2019
  • Developed a custom tool to streamline Quality Assurance documentation processes.
  • Created an Android app that optimized customer plant tours, leading to savings of over $5,000 per year.


ECMA-402 Task Group Member

  • Documented recent ECMAScript internationalization features on Mozilla Developer Network.
  • Worked on a distributed team to make decisions on future internationalization features in the ECMAScript spec.

libc for xv6

  • Implemented a small libc for xv6, the teaching operating system used in CS 3210.
  • Buffered I/O, signals, setjmp, variable argument support and more, as well as supporting system calls.

C dynamic memory

  • Implemented the C dynamic memory allocation library (malloc, calloc, realloc, free) as part of coursework for CS 2110.

Assorted apps

  • newpost: A little CLI that lets you create new GH Pages/Jekyl blog post files with ease. Built with Node.js.
  • resumic: A resume JSON schema, with a CLI to generate beautiful HTML and PDF resumes from your data. Built with Go.
  • ankiport.com: A web app that converts Quizlets to Anki decks. Built with React and Flask.
  • deadbeef.app: Convert from decimal to hex to octal to binary, instantly. Built with React.